Onyx Branding Co.

Creating photo magic for small indie businesses.

Professional photography is so important for small businesses. 

One thing I get asked a lot is…why have a professional photographer?

The way you present your brand online influences the kind of clients that you attract. No one knows this better than me after launching two separate creative businesses to two separate audiences, the way your brand and content looks will have a direct impact on your client base.

In today’s world, clients buy from the person. They want to get to know you and what you have to offer, they’re not interested in seeing stock photos that don’t truly represent your brand.

Having a professional photographer who has a creative eye to capture eye catching images or your brand is worth it’s weight in gold, it means that your work will be seen by more people, which equals more sales and engagement for your brand.



Hey! I'm Leesha, founder of Onyx Branding Co.


As a queer poc, I started Onyx in 2021 after wanting to create a more diverse and inclusive space in the wedding industry for businesses and realising that I want to carry that on beyond just weddings and into the creative industry as well.

As Onyx has grown, I've now expanded to work with several product and service based brands to help them create stunning imagery to help them promote their businesses.

Creative Imagery

is my passion

Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make but about the stories you tell. Onyx
was started in 2021, born out of my love for supporting indie businesses and content creation, I wanted to help small businesses show of their personalities and showcase their products and services better through creative imagery to help them boost their sales.

how Onyx Branding Co. can help you and your business



Your brand identity sets the tone for your business and draws in your ideal client, make sure you're reaching the right people with your content.



Having high quality imagery can make your business stand out more and showcase who you are as a brand.



You've poured your heart, soul, time and energy into your business and first impressions count, so why not kickstart your biz with great imagery.