three ceramic vases with handmade coloured fans

Ellie, The Enthusiast

What can I say about working with Leesha and Onyx for my product shots? From the moment I contacted Leesha with a (very) vague brief, her enthusiasm leapt through the screen and I knew I was sending my new products, my secret pride and joy, to safe and welcoming hands. With a Pinterest board that felt like it had no cohesion other than "stuff my brain thinks is pretty"

Leesha teased out the elements I was drawn to most and absolutely knocked it out of the park translating this into the finished photos. I've come away with a full gallery of product shots that I firmly believe deserve to be in the Louvre, and want to splash everywhere. As if that wasn't enough, Leesha was prompt in responding to any queries, and explained it all really easily - and it was so reasonably priced, too!