Personal Branding Photography – Alyese Baker

February 21, 2021

Hello everyone!

Today I am showcasing another wedding industry babe and a very talented make up artists Alyse Baker!

Alyse is a London based make up artist who specialises in Weddings, Events and Commercial make up. Clients love her for her soft glam make up style and bubbly and friendly personality! After meeting Alyse onset at a photoshoot last year, I was super excited to see her name pop up in my inbox when I’d released my Remote Branding Sessions!

For anyone who is curious or doesn’t know and you’re wondering how it works, a remote branding session is a photography portrait session which takes place remotely on Zoom or the Internet.

For my sessions I use a specific photography app that allows me to take control of your mobile or tablet device’s camera for the duration of the shoot to snap some informal headshots and behind the scenes portraits remotely!

These shoots were great over lockdown because it allowed us to still carry on creating content and networking with other businesses without having to leave our homes or offices! One thing I love about remote sessions is that it lets us get really creative with shooting, direction and styles, they’re also great if you’re wanting to refresh your branding photos but don’t have the budget right now OR you feel really awkward in front of the camera!

Alyse is just the sweetest soul and so talented! Check out some of my favourite shots of Alyse below and check out her business too over at Alyse Baker Artistry!

If you’re looking to refresh your branding or you’re needing some extra photo content for your socials, drop me a message!

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