Product Photography Session – Slow Moon

January 6, 2022

When I first started chatting to the lovely Priscilla from Slow Moon, I knew it was going to be an amazing shoot!

Slow Moon is a well being brand based in London. Slow Moon started off as a relaxation gifts created from scraps of Priscilla‘s own (gorgeous) fabric designs which were obviously well received and after that Slow Moon was born!

With well-being and yoga being close to Priscilla‘s heart and her knowledge and success as a pattern designer, the brand has grown and grown and was recently featured in the Sunday Times along with other publications. 

When Priscilla and I started chatting about her vision for her photography, we both agreed that the key thing we wanted to convey was the idea of wellness and relaxation in a home setting so we worked together on a mood board to create and hone in on the vision and after that was completed we had a quick natter over zoom to finialise all the little details and then Priscilla shipped out the products to me to get started!

You should have seen my face when they arrived at my front door! Honestly, anyone who knows me knows that I am an avid (and slightly obsessive) buyer of anything for wellness and self-care, and if you combine that with me constantly looking at an editing/camera screen all day then these are just perfect! The texture and the colours of the eye pillows are so striking and so soft and can be used heated or cooled depending on your needs!

Priscilla chose our Shoot and Ship package for her products, which is perfect for small-medium sized lifestyle products like the eye pillows! I often get asked how our Shoot and Ship package work and it’s exactly how it sounds, we have a few consultations calls so that I can learn more about your photography needs, then we create a mood board and once that’s all finished you’ll ship out the products (and any props you’d like featured) out to me for me to photograph at my studio, afterwards, I’ll send you the edited gallery as well as shipping the products back to you.

They were honestly a joy to photograph and I can’t wait to see what Slow Moon does next!

If you’d like to learn more about Slow Moon check out their business here!

Check out a few of my faves below and if you’re looking to refresh your product photography or you’re needing some extra photo content for your socials, drop me a message!

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