Product Photography Session – IUVO Skincare

January 7, 2022

IUVO Skincare is a British based brand with a focus on creating luxury skincare that is gentle, natural and organic to really help soothe,heal and rejuvenate the skin.

As a family owned business IUVO Skincare was inspired by a loved one’s battle with Cancer. With sustainability and ecat their forefront it’s easy to see why they were voted favourite food and body care product of 2021.

When I first started speaking to IUVO Skincare about what they were looking for in their photography, I was really excited to hear that their vision aligned with the vision that I had for their images and that they haven’t really had much lifestyle photography done before! Shooting products in a lifestyle environment really is my jam. Being a wedding photographer first means that I have lots of experience styling images and have a really good eye (if I do say so myself) for creating content that really appeals to consumers! 

IUVO Skincare really is such an incredible brand and I can’t wait to work with them more in the future! They regularly do pop-ups around the UK so if like me, you’re a fan of supporting small business pop-up shops or out in the market for some new skincare, definitely head over to their website or Instagram to check them out!

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