Personal Branding Photography – Gina Fernandes Photography

January 20, 2022

Hello Hello!

Today on the blog is the lovely and bubbly Gina from Gina Fernandes Photography!

Gina is an incredible wedding and family photographer from Leicestershire and you can’t help but be in a good mood when you’re with her!

I’ve known Gina for absolutely ages and always love catching up with her so when she mentioned that she also needed some new headshot photos I obviously jumped at the chance to work with her again!

Personal branding photography is so important for your business because it allows your clients to see the person behind the business! This is crucial, especially if your business is a service based business like a photographer because you literally are the brand!

You can check out Gina over on her website here also a big shoutout goes to my favourite café in Leicester, Bondadé for letting us commandeer their place for the shoot!

Here’s a couple of my fav shots!

If your branding need to refresh or if you feel like you’re not reaching your target audience or showing up online definitely drop me a message and we can get you booked in for a branding shoot!

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