How to make the most of your iPhone photography

July 5, 2022

Shooting photos for your personal brand, Instagram, or website doesn’t have to mean spending hundreds on equipment or a professional photographer. You can shoot perfectly usable photos using just your iPhone or Android! 

In this post, I’m going over how to get the most out of your phone photography, giving you the best tips on getting the best shots! 


I know, photographers rave allllll the time about lighting when shooting. And it seems obvious: “Take photos in good light!”. But when it comes to using your phone camera, this point is crucial! 

Shooting low light with a professional camera or setup results in successful, dramatic photos if you know what settings to use – but taking low light photos on your phone camera results in grainy, unfocused, and unusable images. 

For self portraits, set up your phone in front of a window or door that provides enough natural light to reflect onto you and your immediate background. And for product shots, set up your layout near a bright window. You can then either use the shadows created in your photography, or try using white sheets of paper opposite the window to reflect some light back, evening it out.

This will almost guarantee higher quality photos that are a perfect base for editing! 

If you’re working with low light and no other option, using flash is possible! However photographs have a higher chance of coming out blurred when using flash, so make sure you stabilise your arms or hands when taking these shots. Even better, invest in a little phone tripod – these can prove invaluable when it comes to long shooting sessions! 


Make use of the lock on autofocus on your phone camera. This can really help you get the angles and shots you’re looking for. If you’re taking the photos of yourself with your phone in your hand, try setting up your phone on a makeshift tripod, and set a timer!


If you want a macro or close-up shot, but don’t have a phone that supports this, have a browse on Amazon! There are some amazing clip-on lenses that snap right onto your phone. These will provide you with a wider variety of macro, close-ups and shooting options! 

Use the grid

Most smartphones have a grid view option on the camera. This means that when the camera view is open, grid lines appear on the screen. Use these! Grids will really help you to line up what you’re shooting properly, whether you want it dead-center or neatly off to one side. 

I really hope these tips help you get the most out of your phone photography! You can really get some amazing, professional looking shots with your phone camera, and customers will be none the wiser! You’ve got this! 

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