Where to have your personal branding photoshoot?

November 10, 2022

Thinking of booking a personal branding session but not sure where to have it?

If you are wanting to choose your own location for your session here are some tips on how to choose the best location!

The first thought it is to consider how busy it will be and whether you’re comfortable shooting in a busy location or not as this could directly influence where is that you want to shoot!

Time of Day

Also think about time of day you want to shoot as light can change dramatically especially if you are in a busy city where a lot of the horizon or sky is blocked off by buildings!


Where makes the most sense location wise? If you’re a chef or cake maker, you’ll probably need access to a kitchen and if you don’t have the best looking kitchen I would strongly consider renting somewhere like an Air BNB or studio space for the shoot.

Public Spaces

If you’re wanting to use a café please be aware that you may have to purchase something in order for the café to be comfortable with shooting there but also we can’t always guarantee that they will be okay with the shooting there as it is a public space and they do have other customers.

Shooting at Home/Office

If you want to shoot in your place of work just make sure that you do have plenty of natural light available, while we can use studio lights to be brought in if necessary, everything flows better and looks nicer with natural light!

Personal branding sessions are a great way to update your content for service and product-based business and a great way to show up in your business.

Check out the blog for some personal branding session inspo and if you’re looking to book a personal branding session, head over to our contact page for more info!

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