Product Photography Session – Beautifully Biracial

February 3, 2023

When I first started talking to the gorgeous people from Beautifully Biracial, I knew it was going to be a match made in heaven and an amazing shoot after all you couldn’t get much closer to my heart with these gorgeous hair products made especially for people with hair like mine!  

Beautifully Biracial is a fast-growing Hair care business and so much more. The hand made products are all made in the U.K and the workmanship and love that goes into the products is easy to see. 

Their Facebook page says ‘Whether you’re biracial, parents of biracial children, part of a multiracial family or just simply know someone who is. We stock hair care products, clothing, toys, books, greeting cards, and gifts, for biracial, dual heritage & mixed-race individuals’ and that is exactly what they do but they fail to mention the love and hard work that goes in, the fact they are meeting a gap in the market that has been ignored for so long, they are giving a voice to so many people who have been made to fit into a category that isn’t really their own. I’m not black and I’m not white I’m an absolutely perfect version of a mixture of the two and I want products designed for my hair and my skin. 

When we first started chatting about their vision for the photography, we both agreed that the key thing we wanted to convey was the idea that these gorgeous products are both practical and beautiful! After a couple of emails and a quick natter over zoom, we finalised all the little details and then we were ready to start shooting!

Beautifully Biracial chose our Shoot and Ship package for their products, which is perfect for small-medium sized lifestyle products like these sleep bonnets, satin pillowcases and scrunchies. I often get asked how our Shoot and Ship package work and it’s exactly how it sounds, we have a few consultations calls so that I can learn more about your photography needs, then we create a mood board and once that’s all finished, you’ll ship out the products (and any additional props) out to me for me to photograph at my studio, afterwards the shoot I’ll send you the edited gallery as well as shipping the products back to you. 

They were honestly a joy to photograph and I can’t wait to see what Beautifully Biracial has next to offer! 

If you’d like to learn more about Beautifully Biracial check out their business here on Beautifully Biracial®

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