Product Photography Shoot – Lana and Rey Curl, Ship and Shoot Session

April 21, 2023

Fellow curly girls unite! 

Wow, do I have a product for you!  

When Lana and Raye first got in touch with me about wanting to Photograph their new range of hair products for curly hair Being someone of Caribbean descent means that my hair is often unruly and unpredictable so when I started chatting to Lana and Raye I was super excited to hear about their vegan and cruelty free products.

Lana and Raye describe their products as “Superfood Curly Care” and they’re right! With the products being plant powered and silicone/sulphate free they really are amazing for curls, not to mention they feature really active ingredients such as kale, quinoa and avocado oil to really nourish and condition your hair!

When it came to planning the styling of the shoot, I knew that I wanted to keep it clean and minimal to match the branding and to make sure that everything stayed consistent throughout! I also knew that because of all of the amazing ingredients in the product I knew that we had to include some of them in the shoots as props! I’ve been so excited to photograph some more hair and skincare products so I was super excited to see that email land in my inbox!

Lana and Raye chose our shoot and ship option for their products which worked perfectly because they are smaller products which means that they’re ideal for posting out to us for us to shoot in our home studio!

If you have a skincare or haircare products company and you’re looking for some new fun, fresh and vibrant images for your brand then let us know and if you’re looking for nourishing vegan hair care products make sure to check them out! ​​

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