Product Photography Shoot – All Things Considered, Ship and Shoot Session

April 19, 2023

It’s so nice when both my companies get to crossover in business so when Catherine got in touch with me about photographing her “Wedding Planner in a Box” subscription boxes I was super excited! Catherine owns a company called All Things Considered Events which is a wedding and event planning business focused on sustainable and inclusive wedding styling and decor.

So when she got in touch with me about her ideas for a wedding subscription box I was all on board and loved her ideas for the shoot! Catherine wanted to keep her product photography shoot quite simple so that the focus would really be on the boxes and the items themselves which I thought was a really good idea because there are some really lovely products included in the subscription boxes. One of the main things that I wanted to do with the session was make sure that everything was really cohesive and minimalistic in terms of styling so that the products could really stand out on their own!

It was so nice to bring a little bit of my wedding photography styling into the shoot, as that was what really got me started with Onyx and  believe it or not I don’t often photograph wedding supplier businesses when shooting for Onyx so I was super excited to tie the two together! I can’t wait for the boxes to be launched properly because I know that they’re going to be a huge success.

Catherine chose our shoot and ship photography option because the boxes were small enough to post out and easy enough to shoot in our home studio.  Our shoot and ship photography service is perfect for smaller products,  It’s probably our most popular option because it’s easy and convenient for businesses to post their products and for us to shoot them in our home studio. 

If you have a product based business and you’re looking to update your brand with some creative images then drop us a message over on our contact page and if you are engaged then head over to all things considered for more information on the wedding planning boxes.

(Psst…You can also head on over to our sister company Leesha Williams Photo and Film if you’re looking for a photographer/videographer for your day!)

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