Personal Branding Shoot – Saha Archer, Leicester

April 19, 2023

Hey everyone I am super excited to share this personal branding session with you because I think it’s one of my favourite so far!

 I met Sasha through my other company (Leesha Williams Photo and Film) because Sasha is  a shoemaker and she’s provided bridal shoes to me on a couple of occasions for weddings and fashion shoots. So when we got to chatting last year about setting up a personal branding shoot to get some shots of her I was super excited! She radiates so much good energy and she’s so fun to be around that I knew it would be an amazing photoshoot. 

One of the things I love about personal branding sessions is that you really get to know the person behind the business on a more personal level (which is why we call it personal branding) This is such an amazing thing because I love to learn more about other small independent businesses and get to know their stories.

Like lots of other people Sasha was really nervous about having her photo taken really quickly. I think it’s safe to say that the shots we got are some of my favourite headshots taken to date! 

When considering locations for the shoot, we mulled over a few ideas before deciding on photographing her personal branding session at her home studio which meant that we could get some photographs of her working and also some informal head shots of her in her own environment. This is always a nice option for your personal branding session if you have the space because it means that you’re more comfortable and you feel more confident which ultimately leads to better photographs!  

A lot of small businesses do a large portion of their work at home as well so this means that you’ve often got your tools or things of the trade to hand which work really well as props to add visual interest to the shoot.

One of the best things about personal branding sessions is that you get content that’s reusable and evergreen which means that it’s not something that’s going to go out of date quickly or go out of fashion! 

As independent service based businesses, it’s important for us to show ourselves online and to our customers because it really is us that they’re buying into and having a personal branding session is a great way to do that.

So if you’re looking to update your headshots or have a personal branding session to boost your brand identity for your business drop us a message because we would love to chat! 

You can check out Sasha and her incredible work here!

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